July 6, 2016


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Episode One:

In this first episode, we are introduced to “Dead End Tours” and its employees.  There’s a new guide arrived at the troubled tour company, and she’s about to find out that working here might just be one of the worst decisions she’s ever made.

Episode Two:

Holly isn’t happy with Graeme’s posse and their little “Jäger Stunt”. Jodie grows concerned with Megan’s strange behaviour. Cameron and Colin are at odds once again, and Jamie and Graeme indulge in a little “shred therapy”.

(special guest sounds provided by members of the #artcore Sound Design Workshop)

Episode Three

A familiar face arrives back at Dead End Tours, but not everyone is happy about it, … particularly Graeme. Marketing Officer Vanessa tries her hardest to improve the failing image of the company.

Meanwhile, Megan’s chronic absence is giving Sharon a headache, and Holly gets another shot at leading a tour.

Episode Four

Megan has a revelation for Graeme. Jamie tries to get Rupert some working hours in the company. And whilst Vanessa discovers Cameron’s knack for fixing things, Jodie is becoming fed up with Megan’s secrecy.

Episode Five

Holly resorts to temping for another tour company to make ends meet. Jodie reveals her woes to Jamie. Graeme fully begins to adapt to the idea of fatherhood. Sharon has to deal with a rather unpleasant customer, whilst tensions build up between brothers Cameron and Colin.

Episode Six

Cameron is forced to try his hand at guiding a tour, with unfortunate results. Derrick the Ghoul feels the wrath of Colin’s Fists of Fury. Holly finds out what’s going on between Graeme and Megan. Cameron receives some love advice from Rupert…

and a rather intimidating figure from head office enters the fray!

Episode Seven

Rupert poses for some promo shots for Vanessa. Jamie finds himself at the mercy of new boss Louise. Louise attempts to use her conflict resolution skills to settle the beef between Jodie and Megan, whilst Holly and Graeme manage to keep things civil. Cameron and Colin make amends, and Jamie confesses his feelings to Rupert.

Episode Eight

Megan breaks some bad news to Graeme. Louise and Vanessa discover Holly’s murky past.

Graeme, Jamie and Colin bask together in their collective hopelessness. And after Jamie’s revelation, Rupert avoids him completely.

Now on the end of her rope, Holly decides to escape back to London, … but who will stop her?